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Small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) in Denmark often experience challenges with language, culture and lack of networks when seeking new export markets. A new project driven by DANIAS will change this.

The project, funded by The Danish Industry Foundation, will build a network of Danes based in Germany, France, the United Kingdom and Switzerland. By utilizing the specialist knowledge that already abounds among Danes abroad, the project aims at increasing Danish SME’s export and innovation. Read more about the project at The Danish Industry Foundation.

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Global Danes are valuable to Denmark and Danish businesses. The time has come to unite Denmark across national borders

Flemming Besenbacher
Chairman of DANIAS


We connect global Danes & Denmark

DANIAS works to improve the economic development of Denmark through a strengthened relationship and collaboration with global Danes. 

Global Danes are Denmark’s extension in a globalized world where networks across borders play an increasingly important role. Good connections and close collaboration with our global Danes represent an important asset for the continued value creation in the Danish society.

Most global Danes feel a special connection to and pride in Denmark. Many of them wish Denmark to do well and use their love for Denmark as the driving force to contribute positively to the country’s development. 

We work closely together with existing Danish diaspora networks. DANIAS is funded by the Danish Ministry of Foreign Affairs and private businesses.


To strengthen the relation between
Denmark and global Danes

and to engage global Danes in...

Innovation & Export

We want to connect global Danes to Danish businesses to increase sharing of international knowledge, experience and networks that can help them internationalize

Professional ties

We want to retain and strengthen the professional ties between Danes abroad and Denmark


talent attraction

We want to activate global Danes to create international awareness about career opportunities in Denmark or take up a career in Denmark themselves

promoting denmark

We want to activate global Danes to create international awareness about Danish strongholds


Thomas Andersen

Head of Secretariat